Happy New Year

I hope you had a sensational break and that 2017 brings you all the health, happiness and prosperity that you so richly deserve.

So what do I mean by ‘group thinking’?

By Group Thinking I mean – mindlessly following the flock like the majority of people. I call them sheeple 🙂

I became aware of this in 1959. Like most young men at 18, I was keenly interested in the ladies so I started using Old Spice after shave. Then I progressed to Old Spice deodorant.

Bad move. I wasn’t shaving under my arms but boy did it sting. For hours as I recall.

Then I had an epiphany. I’m only doing this because it’s the ‘norm’ foisted on me by some advertising agency.

It was the first and last time I used deodorant. By living on a clean diet I can easily go a couple of days without a shower and without unpleasant body odour.

That started me thinking about all the other ‘norms’ that run our life. I now do due diligence before putting anything in or on my body.

As a principle, I do not put anything on my body that I’m not prepared to eat because you absorb stuff through your skin. That includes shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen etc.

Tell me, would you be willing to eat sunscreen? I certainly am not! Yet I get a perfectly healthy suntan by using coconut oil. And yes, I eat coconut oil most days.

I use a common sense approach – I sunbathe as often as possible for short periods of time. In other words, I NEVER get sunburnt.

And I do it when most people say not to – in the middle of the day when the vitamin D producing UVB rays are strongest. It’s the UVA rays that are cancer promoting and they dominate in the morning and afternoon.

Whenever someone attempts to manipulate me with fear I do due diligence. I follow the money to see who benefits from peddling snake-oil products.

I challenge you to do the research too, it’s eye opening. Here are some examples.

  1. Several years ago the FDA in the US stated that 14 out of 17 sunscreen preparations they tested were carcinogenic (causes cancer) when exposed to the sun!!
    We didn’t see any media headlines on that one. One of the culprits was para-amino benzoic acid (PABA). So if you’re using a sunscreen that includes PABA run for your life.
  2. Science tells us the incidence of cancer increases with the distance from the equator. That’s because the decrease in exposure to sunlight reduces the amount of vitamin D produced by the body.
    Rickets (caused by vitamin D deficiency) is on the rise again because of the unnatural way we are depriving our kids of sunlight.
  3. Skin cancer occurs twice as often in office workers than in people working outdoors. That’s because office people get the wrong kind of sun in the worst possible way.

Am I rattling your cage a bit? Is your paradigm being threatened? Good, because life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Here is a well researched, referenced and balanced article for you to read so you can make up your own mind:
Sunscreen oil or snake oil?

And finally here’s what the World Health Organisation has to say:
“Tumour development may be linked to occasional exposure to short periods of intense sunlight, such as at weekends or on holiday. The higher incidence of malignant melanoma in indoor workers compared to outdoor workers supports that notion.”

Just a thought: What are we doing to our kids by depriving them of natural sunlight?

Remember what the scientific and religious community had to say when Galileo declared the earth was not the centre of the universe. He was systematically destroyed.

Sometimes it takes a long time for sheeple to change – if ever. Here’s a quote I really love:

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”
Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

So, I hope this post has been thought provoking for you and look forward to hearing your thoughts below in the comments section.

Until next week I hope you enjoy our wonderful summer weather.

Much love,


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