If I told the whole enchilada it certainly would be R-rated, so I guess I’d better just stick to the essence and leave out the juicy bits – see below 🙂

You may recall that last time I said I’d be talking about health in this post. ‘So what’s love got to do with health?’ I hear you ask. Everything. Think about being in love – the amount of energy you have and the incredible joy of living.

Without love, there can be no health. Read that again!

In the Course in Miracles, it states: ‘The opposite of love is fear, but that which is all-encompassing can have no opposite’.

Love and fear are mutually exclusive. You are either in love or in fear but you cannot be in both at the same time. Love promotes growth and healing whilst fear promotes dis-ease (disease) and protection. This is well documented scientifically. Check out this 6-minute video.

Back to the essence – without the juicy bits 😉

In 1987 I had the good fortune to meet someone who taught me that ‘unless and until I learned to love myself unconditionally’ I would not allow others to love me. Or indeed allow me to love others.

WOW, what a biggie!

You see my life was like living in a void. So I had been looking for love in the arms of one woman after another. All the time looking in the wrong places…

… until I discovered that love is an inside job. And that lovers are just the icing on the cake, they are not ‘it’!

So when I truly learned how to love myself, my whole life changed dramatically for the better. It enabled me to let go of a lifetime of affairs, pent up anger, resentment, guilt, shame and to learn to forgive.

Unconditional loveAt last, I had found the beginnings of inner peace 🙂   The sort of unconditional love received from pets.

Love is, without a doubt, the most profound thing I can wish for anyone – that’s why I always finish with ‘Much Love’ whenever I write.

In his book ‘Love yourself like your life depends on it’ Kamal Ravikant poses the question: “If I loved myself truly and deeply, what would I do?”

Food for thought isn’t it? So tell me, could your life be better?

If so learn to be a love finder instead of a fault finder. Look for ways to praise instead of ways to criticise. Start asking questions like “what do I like about this?’, ‘what’s good about this?’, ‘what’s my opportunity to learn here?’ etc.

Next time I’ll talk about the power of forgiveness.

And until then, may you enjoy an ever increasing abundance of love, health and happiness in your life.

Much love,


Photo by: Noël Zia Lee

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