In 1992 I was assisting at a  workshop entitled the ‘Gold Mind Seminar’.

At one stage I did a one-on-one process with one of the participants because we had an odd number of participants.

I found out later that the participant went home and told her mother ‘I met a man who would be the perfect partner for you’. Yet it would be years before we met.

Little did i know it at the time that she was Marlyse’s daughter, Annick.

A week or so later I phoned Annick so I could check in to see how she was doing after the workshop. Annick wasn’t home, but Marlyse was.

I could almost see her captivating smile coming down the line and was immediately mesmerised by her lilting French accent.

As we talked an unshakable knowingness came over me that we would be together one day. That, one day, we were destined to work together to make a difference for so many people.

How about you, have you ever had such a prophetic experience?

Two and a half years later Marlyse was unsuccessfully searching for a workshop venu. After much frustration she eventually surrendered and handed the search over to Spirit during meditation.

She got an immediate response – call Michael Carroll. We had never met but Marlyse had heard of me through Annick. Maybe not enough because she ignored that first message.

A day or so later she got the same message and, being close to deadline, decided to act on it. Spirit was right on the money because I knew of the right place at the right price.

When we spoke that same knowingness came over me and I thought to myself ‘I’ve got to meet this lady’.

So the intention was set, and it didn’t take too long for the Universe to deliver.

We met at a Taoist centre not long before Marlyse left for a four week Spiritual Journey in India. I well remember wishing her bon voyage with a hug as she was leaving.

Our first hug.

During her sojourn in India a guru told her that she had already met her life partner. She just didn’t know it yet.

On her return Marlyse decided to book in for a massage with me to help revive her weary well travelled body. Over several massages we got to know each other more and more.

Finally she shared her experience with the guru and let it be known that she was ready to meet the right man.

I knew I was that man, but I was in the process of extracting myself from a dysfunctional relationship. So, hesitatingly, I said “I’m your man, but will you wait a couple of weeks?”

A few weeks later on our first date we were blown away by the similarities in our world view and future plans. We both had visions of living in a round house.

Both of us even had pictures of them!

Then when I took Marlyse home I was dumfounded. Her house was built by the same firm that built my first house – even the floor plan was the same! It felt like I was ‘home’.

The synchronicities kept coming. We had both experienced higher states of consciousness at a workshop run by the same facilitator within a few weeks of each other.

We left our respective spouses within a week of each other after twenty four years of marriage. etc. etc. etc.

It didn’t take too long to decide to move in with Marlyse. So I closed my massage practice at the clinic and ran it from ‘home’. Heaven on a stick.

One particular gentleman would come in each week stressed to the max and would float out the door. It made me realise that many others were like that.

I said to Marlyse “we have to teach these people what we do”. To meditate. Marlyse had previously been teaching meditation so we decided to give it a go together.

It was a great decision because we have complimentary skill sets and there were plenty of stressed people ready to learn.

Next week – the beginnings of Inner Peace.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment on your ESP and/or meditation experiences below.

Much love,


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