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Inner Peace is born

Last time I shared how Marlyse and I got together in 1994. It was like the Universe had been planning it for years. We had the same vision and complementary talents. We knew we wanted to make a difference and wrote down our vision: 'To help make planet Earth a better...

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How did I know?

In 1992 I was assisting at a  workshop entitled the 'Gold Mind Seminar'. At one stage I did a one-on-one process with one of the participants because we had an odd number of participants. I found out later that the participant went home and told her mother 'I met a...

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Some physical aspects of cancer

Welcome to article 4 of 8 on cancer In this article, I'm focussing on some physical aspects of cancer. But first, welcome to 2016. I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break over the festive season. We had the great pleasure of hosting our three grandkids from...

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Can your mind heal cancer?

Welcome. Article 1 of 8 on cancer. Last time I referred to cancer as being a 'wake-up call'. What do you think I mean by that? In my belief system cancer is just a message telling you that you are abusing your body. Now hold on a minute before you close this post in...

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