About Us

INNER PEACE is an independent organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.
Our main activity is to teach the art of living happily and healthily.

Michael and Marlyse Carroll in New ZealandThe Inner Peace Institute for Wellbeing was founded in August 1995 by Marlyse and Michael Carroll.

We teach life skills and meditation in a way that empowers you to take more control over your life. Our material is based on well-documented medical and psychological research as well as ancient Eastern philosophy. In fact, many of our students are referred to us from local doctors, psychiatrists and other health practitioners.

At the moment we are in a state of transition. We stopped regular face to face classes in 2012 and will soon offer online courses.

Core Teachings

  • The ability to cope with change,
  • To remain positive and confident in the face of challenges,
  • To be proactive rather than reactive,
  • To create effective partnerships at home and at work,
  • To communicate effectively,
  • To have a much more productive attitude in all areas of life.


  • To make a difference, have fun, and help others do the same

Core Values

  •  Apply integrity and ethics in all undertakings
  •  Respect individual beliefs and values
  •  Foster a global spirit of friendship, open communication, cooperation and response-ability
  •  Support like-minded individuals and organisations

Envisioned Future

  •  To continue being a part of raising the consciousness of humanity.
  •  To offer online courses by the end of July 2017.
  •  To support our graduates as they ‘spread the word’ in their own unique ways.


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  1. Peter Annett

    Hello Michael,you might not remember me,peter the dairy farmer,from down near Nelson.Am working up in central Queensland,farm got sold.Am well and happy.Hope you are both well.Regards Peter.

    • Michael Carroll

      Hey Peter, great to hear from you. And thanks for your patience – we’re in Europe until 4th August and I have only just found your comment.

      Great too to hear you’re happy and healthy. Marlyse and I are as well also and enjoying retirement.

      You can reach me on michael@innerpeace.com.au so stay in touch!



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